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Becky from Arizona is calling into the Dave Ramsey Show with the most parental question ever. Should she buy her daughter and son-in-law a new house? They have a daughter and stable careers as teachers, but the income is not what it should be to buy a house. Becky knows Dave’s advice on this, but she wants to provide a stable home for her family; however, she feels it will hurt them.

Dave says the first thing is if you do something that hurts them regardless if you try to help is still hurting them. Dave recalls her saying that they can’t afford the payments on their own, which scares Dave because it could put them in a world of debt. So Dave tells Becky it’s better if she coaches them along in their careers so they can afford it on their own. Dave says if they manage on their own and follow the Baby Steps, they will be fine.

The big takeaway is to make sure they are responsible for their money first. Because if you are giving money to those who are just blowing it away is a negative investment, and they will never be anything but.

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