Cool timelapse of Space X launch this morning . Saint Petersburg , Florida .👽🚀🛸🌴🐬 Join us in Florida Stuff for more great photos and videos.🎥 + 🎶Video by Marcus Oania .

Posted by Jeffrey Scottd on Friday, May 6, 2022

If you were not up early last Friday, you missed a pretty spectacular show in the sky. As SpaceX launched from Cape Canaveral, the discharge from the spacecraft left what looked like a jellyfish in the sky over Florida. As you’ll see below, cell phones were out and captured lots of great shots from here in the Tampa area and all over the state. But a few got even more ambitious and set up their cameras to do a time lapse of the entire light show. This one above is particularly beautiful. Note: If the video doesn’t appear above, watch it here.

SpaceX "Jellyfish" Photos of the Skies Over Florida

Zephyrhills view of the SpaceX launch

An AMAZING alien invasion? No just a great shot of the jellyfish above Zephyrhills this morning from a Q105 listener in Pasco County.

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