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When a suspected drunk driver is spotted, it’s a pretty routine process law enforcement uses to check sobriety. The cop turns on the lights and hopefully the driver pulls over. You might be asked to walk the line or perform a breath test. 38 year old Amy Harrington of Madeira Beach employed a different technique to prove to officers from the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office that she was good to drive.

Channel 8 reports Harrington rear ended another vehicle about a mile away from her home April 27. When cops arrived on the scene, Harrington was said to have some problems following law enforcement’s directions and was “unsteady.” Using a little bit of improvisation, she turned her inability to maintain her balance by breaking in to dance.

Harrington’s performance included a little ballet and even an Irish folk dance, according to the report. Feeling that the jig cleared things up, she didn’t want to take a traditional sobriety test. Channel 8 reports cops found what smelled like alcohol in a cup holder and indicated her eyes were bloodshot, watery and pupils were dilated. Harrington was charged with DUI with property damage. [Source: Channel 8]

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