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Abbi is calling into the show today, and he wants to get help with a personal problem. His girlfriend has taken out over $100,000 in student loans and her family another $75,000 to help her. He would like to marry her, and if they get married, he will inherit her debt. Together, they will make over $200,000 a year, and he doesn’t mind inheriting her debt because they will be able to pay it off. However, her parents are waiting on loan forgiveness to clear them of their debt versus taking care of it. How does Abbi have a conversation with his girlfriend about this?

There is a 2% chance that Abbi’s girlfriend’s parents will be forgiven. And even that is enough for Abbi’s girlfriend’s parents to dismiss his talk about finances. The guys suggest focusing on her and not her parents because they have tried talking to their parents, and it went nowhere. They suggest empowering his girlfriend and building her up so that she can speak to them. Providing support for her will make her a stronger and wiser person when it comes to finances, but it will help her communicate with her parents that they have such a slim chance of getting cleared of debt.


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