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WASHINGTON, DC - SEPTEMBER 5: Alex Jones of InfoWars talks to reporters outside a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing concerning foreign influence operations' use of social media platforms, on Capitol Hill, September 5, 2018 in Washington, DC. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and Facebook chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg faced questions about how foreign operatives use their platforms in attempts to influence and manipulate public opinion.

Alex Jones, the man legendary for his “Conspiracy Theories,” Alex Jones, has come out against QAnon. Monday during Infowars, Alex Jones stated that they were some of the “worst people in the world.” Many find it hilarious that Jones, who has said some of the most outlandish theories, would come against the now infamous group. Some of the group’s beliefs are that Democrats are part of a Satan Worshipping Cult who conspired against Donald Trump.

Speaking more about QAnon to a caller on the show, Jones stated:

“You understand that we lost the country because of Q? And I have to put up with the Q people all over the place, and I’m tired of it. So, I’m not mad at you, but you’ve hit a button here. And the damn Q people were the ones who manipulated some people to go inside the damn and worked with the feds, Q is the worst people on Earth at the time. Q is the new world order. Q is a psyop to lead us around by our noses.””

Jones believes that QAnon has been infiltrated some levels of the government, mainly CIA agents spreading what he believes to be CIA agents. Jones has gone on many rants about the group, but he denounced them utterly last year. [Source Newsweek]

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