For fans of Florida sunsets, living on the west coast of the state is a big perk. We get to see the sun sink below the water on our beaches and tonight should be extra special. Are you one of those cell phone amateur photographers? When you live here, it’s tough to take a bad pic of a Florida sunset. You’re going to have an extra good chance of capturing some great photos next week.

Channel 8 reports one of those big Sahara Desert dust clouds is making its way across the Atlantic and it’s headed to Tampa Bay. The dust from the desert makes Florida sunsets look even more spectacular with vibrant colors. Another plus? They also help keep storms away! The dust stays in the upper atmosphere so there’s not much worry about it getting in your mouth or nose, especially since the particles are so small. So WHEN will we see those great sunsets?

Right now the desert dust is still over the Atlantic. They say the dust will make its way over Cuba and enter the gulf Friday. So the good news is we’ll see our first Saharan Dust sunsets this weekend. The bad? Looks like rain might put a damper on things. But over the next couple weeks, higher concentrations of the dust are expected to move over us. So if you don’t get to see a spectacular sunset this weekend, you’ll have better opportunities over the next couple weeks. [Source: Channel 8]

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