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AOC Wants to Flip Texas Blue

A recent poll has been released, and it could spell doom for America. More and more Millennials are embracing Socialism. You may be wondering why this spells doom for Americans? This is the next generation being ready to take charge here in America. Boomers are retiring, and those standing to take their place are everyone’s favorite generation.

Look no further for proof than current “Squad” members. Most members of the high profile Congress group fall in that category. And looking at their proposals, they lean heavily on socialist policies. A generation believes Americans are going to be the answer to perfect Socialism. Despite it, they are never working in any country on the same scale.

People are trying to warn them of the horrors of the system they are trying to create, but it is falling on deaf ears. In a recent interview with Fox News, a Cuban immigrant had something to say about colleges. He warns that colleges are romanticizing the form of government, the very one he escaped.

Currently, 19% of millennials and 12% of Gen Z said they thought the Communist Manifesto “better guarantees freedom and equality for all” than the Declaration of Independence. That’s compared to just 2% of baby boomers and 5% of Gen X. 

It is a known fact that people’s politics change as they age but with many Democrats retiring before the next mid-term election, could this new generation take over? Watch the latest video at [Source Axios]