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Shriner has Assistant State Attorney, Special Victims Unit Amber Sherwood on to talk about a problem facing Florida. Human Trafficking. Amber Sherwood is the Asstant State Attorney for the 6th judical Court which covers Pinellas and Pasco Counties. She works with the special victims unit to take on crimes against children. Her passion for the protection of children has led her to create a ministry at her church where she has many volunteers that help throughouyt the coomunity for human trafficking non-profits.

Taking on Human Trafficking with Amber Sherwood

Amber Sherwood is a local Assistant State Attorney for the 6th Judical Court

During the interview Shriner dug deep discussing with Amber many common misconceptions about human trafficking in and out of the criminal justice system. They look to inform the public on who are the most vunerable and most targeted among the local communites. Amber also discussed multiple local agencies that you should be aware of that look to deter and fight back against human trafficking. Ambers biggest mission is to get the communtity more involved and gave great examples os how the averagecitzen can help. However the most important advice came when Amber explained how parents can be aware of the signs Traffickers exploit their vicitims.

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