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It’s pretty clear Schnitt wants nothing to do with either side of these outlying nutjobs on both the left and right. When he mentions the far-right, he talks about the conspiratorial Q-Anon types spouting out the ridiculous, insane theories that cross their desks. And as for the Far-left the ones who have taken to tearing the country down brick by brick. He wishes we could go back to a time when Far was used to mean extreme ideas and didn’t represent America.

Schnitt misses the center. What he means by this is the means that he wants to go back to the days when people actually could come together and agree to disagree. Nowadays, if you do not think like me, then you are the evilest thing on this planet, and there is nothing more. This goes to both sides as the left will call the Right Nazis, and the Right will call the left Communist Terrorist.

There was a time when Senators and Congressmen would sit in a hall and, despite their disagreements, could hold a civil conversation, but now you have them nearly throwing blows for media clout. The issues of this country are being put to the wayside to settle some imaginary turf war the other side believes that they are winning.