A Tampa Bay Lightning fan holds a sign during the first period in Game Two of the 2021 NHL Stanley Cup Final against the Montreal Canadiens at Amalie Arena on June 30, 2021 in Tampa.

If you want to “Be The Thunder,” have a credit card and a kidney ready. Just like the Super Bowl or World Series, the chance to see the Stanley Cup lifted is pricy. Comparatively though, it’s actually pretty cheap compared to baseball and football championship tickets. Super Bowl tickets can start in the $5,000 range.

Season ticket holders get the first crack at tickets so whatever is left over tends to go for top dollar. All that remains now… reseller seats. That means you’re going to pay more than what the Lightning would charge you so keep that in mind. I’m including games in Tampa and the away game in Colorado because honestly, the price of a flight and hotel will be nominal at this point compared to tickets!

Game 1 in Denver
It’s probably too late now to fly out to Colorado. But if you do find one, your ticket will cost about as much as the airfare and hotel. Starting price on Ticketmaster for a pair of tickets for tonight’s game is $1,257.40. If you want that in game vibe, opt instead to watch the game on the jumbotron at Amalie Arena. There are still some $10 watch party tickets left. However, all that’s available now are seats behind the net which means you’re going to watch on the smaller side of the scoreboard.

Game 2 in Denver
On Saturday night, there are some upper level tickets for the watch party at Amalie Arena that face the big screen. That’s a much better experience. You might be up in the 300 level, but your view will be much better than the behind the net seats’ view of the scoreboard. Same price… $10. Heading back to Denver, the lowest price pair of seats I found in Section 312 (nosebleeds in the corner) are going for $1,892.10.

Game 3 in Tampa
Tampa will finally get some Stanley Cup in person action one week from tonight on Monday, June 20. At the moment, the cheapest pair of tickets is going for $1,188.50. There will be a watch party outside on the plaza. Tickets for that are going for $5 each.

Game 4 in Tampa
This is the first possible night where you might see the Stanley Cup lifted. Just like in Game 3, the only seats left now are the resale tickets. That means the price could fluctuate before game day. While it could save you money, the opposite could happen too. Let’s say the Bolts win the first 3 games. Expect Game 4 prices to skyrocket. The lowest price for a pair of tickets this morning is going for $1,216.26. Tickets for the watch party out on Thunder Alley have already disappeared.

What could get really pricy is if this series goes all seven games. If it does, that game would be in Denver on June 28. Maybe book a flight now but make sure you choose a refundable airfare! And I’d put your house on the market now so you’ll have enough cash on hand. Go Bolts!

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