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Aaron Carter performs a party in Venice, California.

Josh is in Seattle, and he is super excited because he is the 2nd member of his family to complete the Ramsey 7 Baby Steps successfully. This has been such a great deal for him that he wants to celebrate a little by buying a new vehicle. This won’t set him back as he has the means to pay for it but was wondering if Dave thought this was the right move.

Dave hits him with a hard truth right off the bat. If you are not a millionaire, then you probably don’t need to buy a new car. There are still so many investment opportunities for you to take and money that could be saved by purchasing a used vehicle. However, Josh does counter Dave’s argument that current used prices have risen, and now we are seeing used cars at the same price as new ones. Dave lets him know that it’s not a good time to buy unless it’s an emergency.

In the end, Dave tells him he can buy if he genuinely wants it and understands his want to celebrate. But if Dave was in the same position he would hold off because if something was to happen to the new car would he be able to eat the cost of the loss.

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