Tampa Bay Today With Shriner

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Swatting for those who don’t know is the process in which someone calls in a fake threat in order to get Cops to swarm your house and potentially cause harm. A relatively recent phenomenon but dangerous. So much that Gov. Ron Desantis recently signed a bill strengthening punishments for false calls.

Now a local family in Pasco county was preforming a Live Twitch show when all of sudden the broadcast was interrupted by Pasco County Sherriff’s Department. Pasco County had received a call the Twitch Streamer had allegedly killed his wife. Pasco took the call seriously surrounded the property and cleared the scene. The family was not worried for themselves but did take concern over leaving their 6 family dogs inside their home while cops swept and cleared the building.

After the sweep the family returned to the stream and adressed the issue. “Somebody called in and said I killed my wife. So somebody knew my name, they knew my address,” the streamer stated upon his return. [Source Fox 13]