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Michael from Tampa is calling because he has been offered a great new job. There is a challenge with a new schedule and the already limited time he has with his wife. Michael could use this job as there has been a drastic rent increase in Tampa. Just walking into the door, he will make $8,000 more enough to cover the rent increase. But with the strain on his schedule, will it be worth it when it all comes down to the wire.

The team asked why he would not want to take the job to build the pros and cons list with him. Not only is there not enough time for his wife, but he has a daughter from a previous marriage. She is over every other weekend, and the new job will be taking a part of that time. Furthermore, Michael has a son, and he would be missing out on the activities his son wants to do. Overall, Michaels is losing out on family time.

The guys believe this is not the best option for Michael, that if he does some searching, he may be able to find a better career path making more than what the new job offers. Even better is that he would still keep his weekends. Not every opportunity is a golden opportunity, and that is something to consider. The cost of your family time is not worth a meager gain, especially if you are not hurting currently. Making decisions that only produce more negative effects will never add up to be positive.

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