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We spoke in great deal about Ron Desantis and the very inappropriately named “Don’t Say Gay” Bill. The “Parental Rights in Education” led to many outrages and national attention throughout the country. Most notable was the Walt Disney Company who decided to fire back at the Florida Governor and try an denounce this bill saying they would fund politicians to vote against it.

Many Florida Lawmakers took offense to this and Senator Jennifer Bradley headed bill SB 4-C which would removed the special provisions afforded to Disney through the Reedy Creek Improvement District. Well Governor Ron Desantis has now officially signed SB 4-C into effect and as of June 1, 2023 there will no longer be special provisions provided to Disney.

Many speculate that this will cause unwarranted effects to the residents of the area but Gov. Desantis and other lawmakers assured the people they would not of allowed the bill to go through if it would cause negative effects to the citizens of Reedy Creek.

Kaultbaum: Major Florida Laws Signed Today

  • Free License Renewal

    The Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles will now issue, replace, or renew an identification card at no charge to any Registered Florida voter with registration card and who is experiencing financial hardship. The law also allows for people 80 and older to have an identification card issued if they lose driving privileges.

  • Visitation for Grandparents

    Grandparents are now getting more rights when it comes to visitation of their grandchildren.

  • Miya's Law

    This law requires Landlords to require background checks for all employees. This is in response to the murder of Miya Marcano, who was suspected to be killed by a worker at her complex.

  • Religious Services During State Emergency's

    Religious institutions can now conduct services during declared State Emergency’s

  • It is Now Felony for Revenge Porn

    It is now considered a felony to buy sell or trade illicit photos videos or any media sexual in nature. It is also now illegal to pass out this material and this bill further strengthens punishments child pornography, revenge porn and bestiality laws.

  • Tax Voting

    Local Governments are now required to add tax referendums to the ballot at the same time they hold general election.

  • Government Protection from Ransomware

    Local and State Agencies will now no longer have to pay out for ransomware attacks.

  • Cybersecurity Training for new State Employees

    All new State employees are required to undergo Cybersecurity training.

  • “Stop WOKE Act”

    This bill, labeled by Desantis himself, restricts how government and schools can teach race related trainings.

  • Term Limits for School Boards

    There is now a 12 year school board limit of 12 years. This bill also increases scrutiny for allowing books and other learning materials through the curriculum.

  • Service Dog Health Care

    If you are the care-taker of a retired service dog than you will now be eligible up t $1500 in reimbursement for annual cost.

  • Disney Special District Receded

    After the introduction of the “Parental Rights and Education” Bill, Disney decided to speak out against it. In response Florida Law Makers voted to remove Reedy Creek Improvement District special provisions that they were once afforded.

  • Florida's State Dessert

    In a nod to Plant city it is now official the Dessert for the State of Florida is the Strawberry Shortcake.

  • “Responsible Fatherhood Initiative”

    There will now be money set aside to aide city programs that help to provide guidance and mentorship to young boys.

  • 15 Week Abortion Ban

    Most abortions are now prevented past 15 weeks barring special circumstances.