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Filling in for Dave, Ken Coleman and George Kamel take a call from Heather of Florida, and she’s in a bit of trouble. She applied for a debt reduction program not realizing that it would kill her credit score. Not only that she feels lost while making payments to them. George tells her not to focus on the credit score. He asks her why she needs a higher credit score. Heather plans to buy a house and car other future goals and really believes she needs a good credit score for this. She is worried that this will impact her future heavily. She is ready to take responsibility for her choices.

George lays it out for her like this: The best thing you can do is get clear out all the debt you have. When you do that it makes your Credit unable to be calculated. It can not reach zero, making you invisible to the credit bureau. They warn that falling victim to the Credit Help services is that they will just tank your score and do more harm than good. Once you are ready to you will be able to score a No-Credit-Loan. These loans check current income with history and other small factors that don’t rely on credit. These loans are viable for more than just homes.

5 Things You Can Do Right Now To Ensure Financial Success

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