Tampa Bay Today With Shriner

Many Floridan’s will have a nice little surprise dropped off in their mailbox shortly all thanks to the State of Florida. Nearly 60,000 families will be receiving a check at $450 per child to help pay for the upcoming school year. Florida is trying to offset some of the cost of inflation as kids prepare to go back to school.

In a tweet from Florida Press Secretary Christina Pushaw she notes the checks are real. It is a “One Time Payment” that was worked into Gov. Ron Desantis newest budget. Florida’s First Ladey Casey Desantis even held a roundtable so she could get foster and adoptive families added to the list. Gov. Desantis stated that this money is to be used for the things needed to make your kids successful going into the new year.

This is not like the stimulus payments during COVID-19 this has all been planned through the yearly budget of Florida. [Source WFLA]