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Ready for some hockey? If you’re not ready to become a full season ticket holder, there’s an option that will get you into a bunch of games at Amalie Arena next season for a discount. The Lightning have begun selling their 2022-2023 Flex Plan. With it, you’ll get 20 to 30 tickets for games next season. They call it the flex plan because it’s really flexible. You can use 2 tickets for a game or 4. You’ll save some cash and you’ll get to have that seat you really like for the whole season.

First you choose the games you want to see. Maybe you’re from up north and want to the Bolts play your hometown team. Or maybe you want to be there when some former Lightning players return to Amalie Arena. You get to choose which games you want to see. Some games are already sold out… like the games against the New York Rangers on December 29, the Bruins on January 26, the Kings on January 28, the Penguins on March 2, the Canadiens on March 18, and the Maple Leafs on April 11 are sold out.

Once you have selected the games and the number of tickets you’ll need for each game, it’s time to check out. You will need at least 20 tickets selected to get the deal prices.

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