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Kaleb in Florida is calling in because he is in a bit of trouble. He is 21, with a 1-year-old with his girlfriend, renting an apartment, unemployed. Furthermore, to make matters worse, he is currently $20,000 in debt. He is managing to make by with side jobs now, but his monthly expenses are more than he makes with them. Ken asks Kaleb whats to do as a career to point him in the right direction. Kaleb replies that he wants to be a PRofessional Stock Trader.

Ken breaks it down to Kaleb like this: You are in a sinking boat with a cup to bail water out. Now you add the girlfriend, the baby, and the debt. It’s just going to keep sinking. Ken also lays out the list of things against him. He needs to focus on them, not on the side stuff he is doing to become a Stock Trader. Kaleb needs to get his head above the water by going out and getting 2-3 jobs if he has to. Once then he needs to, he can then enroll in courses that help with his dream.

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