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Kaitlyn from Minnesota calls in, she has been married for over 4 years, and their finances are run by the roommate method. Basically, they each pay half of the mortgage and other bills to one person, who then makes the payment. Kaitlyn says they want to start the baby steps for financial success. However, her husband wants to take care of his debt, and she takes care of hers. She knows if they could work together, things would work out better for them. However, her husband has not given any reason why he would want to do this.

Dave and George Kamel are very blunt, and they believe she married someone with the mentality of a child. George states that when they said “I Do,” it was no longer Me but we. This means no separate accounts or separate debts; this is one team, one fight. Dave tells Kaitlyn she needs to get to the bottom of his objections; there should be no reason to be separated like they are. Dave suggests she work together with her husband and create a budget that works together as a team. She may need to have a hard conversation, but marriage isn’t supposed to be easy; it requires work.

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