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Daniel calls in and doesn’t want Dave to be mad at him because he is lease a car. Dave explains why you need to quit leasing cars now!. His words, not ours. He is getting ready to lease a car instead of buying it outright, as Dave suggested. He believes he can afford to lease a car. He wants to know Dave’s thoughts because he has gone against Ramsey Solutions 7 Baby Steps for Success. Dave explains outright quit leasing cars now!

As Dave suggests, Ken wants Daniel to lay out his case about why he thinks it’s a good idea to lease a car instead of buying outright. First, Daniel believes the time wasted searching for a reliable used car could negatively impact his job and other obligations. He also works in the middle of nowhere. He doesn’t want to take the chance that the used car will break down and be stuck for some time. His last reason is that he would rather drive a car in 10 years that is 10 years old versus something older and harder to repair.

Dave’s rebuttal to all of this is that you will be locked down to certain mileage with a lease. Although Daniel doesn’t work every day, he still has to hold within a certain mileage limit. Breaking the lease agreement can incur fines and other penalties. He also needs to be practical about what he is doing with this car because if it’s for work, you will damage the overall value by using it for work situations putting unnecessary miles on it. So overall for the purpose of work it would be better to buy a reliable beater than a brand new car but you need to quit leasing cars now.

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