Tampa Bay Today With Shriner

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We all want to be remembered for the things we leave behind, and St. Petersburg left behind his custom Guitar Collection. Gregory Bedore, who died Aug. 23 at age 70, has spent decades curating a massive collection of guitars and cameras. What was unique about his group was the fact all guitars were hand-crafted.

Gregory owned over 100 different custom guitars. His wife said that he was a man who never did anything 50%. It was 110% or nothing. He was diagnosed back in 2012 with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and told he had five years to live. But, with his family’s help, he made it to 2022.

Gregory was quoted in Times Magazine back in 1990 about his collection. He said:

“Maybe I’m optimistic, but I think everyone loves a camera,” Bedore told the Times in 1990. “They’ve recorded our childhood and captured things we want to remember. If they could talk, I wonder what stories they’d tell.”