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It’s not ok to be in a job you hate. There are signs that the job itself can be making you sick, and John and Ken break it down today on the Ramsey show.

  1. Insomnia or general lack of sleep. A typical sign of stress is lack of sleep, but the root cause may be closer than you think, like most Americans label work as one of their most significant stressors in life.
  2. Sleeping too much is another coping mechanism to fight stress and signs of mild depression.
  3. Losing or gaining too much weight. Sometimes we either focus on eating to cope with the troubles or even avoid it together, trying to prevent it by fighting a fight or flight reflex.
  4. Fatigue and lack of motivation. High-stress environments tend to wear people out; even if you get a whole night’s rest, it’s possible to burn out on pushing yourself to the limits.
  5. You get colds more often than usual. Most people may not realize that stress affects your immune system, which could cause it to be over-exerted, leading you to get sick more often.
  6. Longer Recovery time between illnesses; this goes hand in hand with #5 as your body is trying to recover from its already over-exerted self.
  7. Withdrawing socially. This is because you are trying to keep work and social life separate which is understandable, but that social connection is needed to help recharge those batteries.
  8. Finally, your doctor begins to express concern for your health. They know you, and they can see when you are doing bad.

When dealing with a toxic work environment or just a toxic boss, these are all common factors. We often look at those around us and start comparing ourselves to them. Stress affects us differently, and just because it may not seem like the guy down the way is not stressed doesn’t mean you are not stressed. These signs are not one causes all but are indicative of one another.

The guys give some tips to break away from a harsh environment. IF you can financially walk away, then you should. The most important thing to do is acknowledge that you are in a toxic work environment. Some people are working their lives away for something that gets you nowhere. Be aware that you are in a toxic work environment.

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