Tampa Bay Today With Shriner

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We all know it’s coming to the gas prices are getting ready to shoot up as the Tax Holiday on gas ends tonight at midnight. Currently, Tampa ranks 10th in gas prices overall. So it’s been rather nice not to have to sell a kidney to afford to work. According to AAA, Gas Prices in Florida are currently averaged at $3.26. This means the Tampa Bay area is sitting at one of the cheapest places to get gas prices in Florida.

If you are traveling through Florida and can afford to hold off to these areas, you will probably be happy you did as listed below in order are the cheapest places to get gas in Florida. These are currently at the time of writing the article.

  1. Pensacola-$3.13
  2. Crestview-Fort Walton Beach-$3.134
  3. Panama City-$3.211
  4. The Villages-$3.217
  5. Melbourne Titusville-$3.221
  6. Orlando-$3.231
  7. Punta Gorda-$3.234
  8. Daytona Beach-$3.256
  9. Ocala-$3.257
  10. Tampa Bay Area-$3.261
  11. Homosassa Springs-$3.263
  12. Jacksonville-$3.272
  13. Fort Myers Cape Coral-$3.274
  14. Sebring-$3.288
  15. Port Saint Lucie-$3.292

These are the average before the price goes up soon, as we can expect them after tonight. The places that show lower prices are also major ports and closer to pipelines that help to keep prices at an all-time low. Tampa being 10th in gas prices in Florida is not bad; it could be way worse. After the Tax holiday ends tonight, it is speculated to go up by at least 40¢ though out the entire state of Florida. So this list may be slightly shaken up by the week’s end.