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Is there nothing Steve Stamkos can't do? He just made history with his 500th Goal so there is nowhere to go but up.

It couldn’t have happened to a better man or a better team. The amount of damage hockey puts on your body your lucky to push past 300 let alone 500. But Steve Stamkos makes history with his 500th Goal, being one of the only 47 players in NFL history to do it but 1 of only 14 players to do it with the same team.

Stamkos took a pass from Alex Killorn and put a backdoor tap in right past the Canucks goalie Spencer Martin to open the scoring barely 5 minutes into the first period on Wednesday. Normally when the bench clears it’s going to be a good fight but not in this case. The Tampa Bay Lightning cleared the bench to cheer on everyone’s favorite centre. He is currently only 1 of 3 active skaters to have over 500 goals. The other two are Washington’s Alex Ovechkin and Pittsburgh’s Sidney Crosby.

There is still time for him to catch Wayne Gretzky’s record of 894 goals. If Steve Stamkos is making History with 500th Goal, then there is nothing he can’t do! [Source ABC Action News]

Steve Stamkos Makes History with 500th Goal

Tampa Bay Lightning Fans Say Photos Prove Goal That Led to Loss Shouldn't Have Counted

If you stayed up late last night, it was a frustrating loss for the Tampa Bay Lightning. After a dominant Game 3 win Monday night and having the lead for most of the night last night in Game 4, it felt like the Bolts were about to even up the series.

By now you know, that didn’t happen. The Colorado Avalanche were able to come back and tie the game in the 3rd period. That’s how it ended in regulation so Game 4 went into overtime. The next goal would be crucial. After 2 games that were complete blowout wins by several goals, this next one goal would be the difference between a 2 to 2 series tie or a commanding 3 games to 1 lead. Unfortunately for the Lightning, it was the latter. And many fans think the goal shouldn’t have counted because the Avalanche had too many players on the ice at the time of the score… and they’re not alone.

  • The photo freeze frame that has now gone viral...

    Clearly there were 6 men on the ice. That would mean not only should the goal not have counted, but Colorado should have been penalized and the Lightning should have gone on the power play.

  • Another look...

    This one from Bolts TV host Paul Kennedy…


  • See it in real time!

    This video tells the story.

  • Conspiracy?


    To complicate the matter, check out the two different score sheets!


  • Coach Cooper's statement last night...

    Amazing professionalism… I think I would’ve gone full nuclear. An emotional Coach Jon Cooper last night held back some serious rage and said he would gather his thoughts and address the issue today.

  • The NHL's statement... seriously!?

    Didn’t see it. Oh well.

  • It's not just fans and media with a Lightning bias saying it...

  • Beyond the goal not being allowed, few are acknowledging this important point...

  • How DENVER TV called it...

    Funny they don’t even mention it.