It’s always interesting to find out where the richest cities are in your home state. In Florida, there are a lot of cities with a very high median income. These are the cities with gorgeous homes with the perfect lawns, great schools, lots of food options, and high-end shopping. You can also expect these places to be near or right on the water. Because if you had the cash, wouldn’t you want to live right on the beach? did the research and compiled a list of the richest cities in Florida. But we’re here to tell you about the top 5.

Here in Tampa we have a city that is home to most of our athletes and some of the richest people in the state. You may be surprised when we tell you that Davis Island didn’t make the cut for the richest cities in Florida. Miami is another city that is home to some of the “one-percenters” in the Sunshine State, yet they were left off the list as well.

In order to obtain a home in one of these cities, Homesnacks says you’ll need to be making at least $100,000/year. All of the training and school for healthcare jobs can really pay off here. You can also think about creating your own business since Florida has a low corporate tax.

Here are the 5 richest cities in Florida

  1. Longboat Key – median income is $121,797
  2. Sanibel – median income is $103,413
  3. Naples – median income is $125,306
  4. Atlantic Beach – median income is $92,056
  5. Neptune Beach – median income is $98,856

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