Money Talk 1010 AM / 103.1 FM / 92.1 FM is all about your money and everything that effects it. From financial planning to taxes and real estate and lifestyle talk shows, and some sports. The evolving political environment can have instant positive and negative effects on you and your family’s ability to survive. Money Talk does it all with not only traditional financial talk shows but also shows focused on the daily governmental atmosphere that effects your life. There are shows about health & wellness, education, travel, entertainment/sports/outdoor; everything of interest to financially conscious people focused on healthy living.

The #3 talk radio show in America, The Dave Ramsey Show, is on daily from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM. Dave shares practical answers to life’s tough money questions. The Dave Ramsey Show is on nearly 600 radio stations from coast to coast with more than 8-million listeners. Dave’s message is always practical and common-sense.

A partnership with The BizTalk Radio Network expands the station to a national platform of well-known personalities and concepts with shows about investing, business, and lifestyle.

Our programming originates on 50,000-watt WHFS at 1010 AM, 103.1 FM, and 92.1 FM. You can also stream the station right here on the website or by downloading our free Money Talk 1010 app and on

There are news updates on the top of each hour, and timely weather and traffic reports.

Money Talk 1010 AM / 103.1 FM / 92.1 FM  covers the Tampa Bay Area metropolitan area. Our strong signals allow us to reach a potential 2 ½ -million plus listeners in the market.