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Shriner: Judge Ruled in Favor of Desantis but Says He failed the Florida Constitution

Ron Desantis doesn't go too far without shocking the political world. Whether it's in a good or bad way, is up to you to decide, people all over the country love and or hate him. One such instance that actually shocked the whole system was when he utilized the Florida Constitution to fire State Prosecutor Andrew Warren. This has been legally challenged and the Desantis administration has been found in the wrong according to U.S. Judge Robert Hinkle. Judge Hinkle did declare that what the Desantis administration executive order did violate the Florida Constitution and he had no right to suspend the prosecutor. Judge Hinkle also stated that he was unable to restore Prosecutor Andrew Warren's position because that would violate the 11th Amendment. Gov. Ron Desantis originally suspended Andrew Warren for what he claimed was "Neglect of Duty" surrounding the controversy of overturning Roe V. Wade. Warren signed a pen letter saying he would refuse to prosecute those who came to Florida for an Abortion. Surrounding county Sherriff's departments joined Ron Desantis stating they had issues with Warren not prosecuting repeat offenders and more in the means of racial injustices.  Warren opposed these claims saying he was not bothering with prosecuting jaywalkers and petty bike thieves. [Source: Tampa Bay Times, Fox News, WFLA] [select-gallery gallery_id="70181" syndication_name="shriner-the-7-biggest-homeowner-insurance-issues" description="yes"]UjI+OelAn89daXnYTaY0RpQBUUN+OIJV1IxpNYAHlTpVPmVcj03EzGgPR28BkehHRHI4+HrZEidncSYov1cMoQt3RG2+YKr3e6D7lOkZvWqUk+oD57oI50CqG/pxzFws9d6uzu4/MIqhc5JlQtYLQXd/eOP8gRtkAasqqDn94L0=|77u/dS9naFlEM2l1WU1tY0l6L0lwWmsKMjY1NTgKMjM4NDcyMDIKRVl5c0ZnPT0Ka2IrTkdBPT0KMQp5dGtxZHI3OXFhdnFma3JubjV6NHJzanIKNzEuNDAuMTQ0LjE0NwowCgprZDJ0Rmc9PQoxMDAKMAoKCg==|3|3|1

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