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Troubled Waters: Florida Lake Makes Top Of The Most Polluted List

Florida lakes are absolutely stunning. From expansive lakes to the smaller hidden gems, these lakes offer endless opportunities for relaxation and recreation However, even these stunning bodies of water are not immune to pollution. Many of them are sadly experiencing heavy contamination. From industrial contaminants, agricultural runoff, and untreated sewage to plastic, and various types of garbage. AZ Animals compiled a list of the ten most polluted lakes in the U.S. According to the site, humans discharge approximately 80% of the world’s wastewater back into the environment, largely untreated, polluting rivers, lakes, and seas. Which Florida lake rank among the most polluted? Florida is home to a massive freshwater lake known as Lake Okeechobee. Unfortunately, this lake has earned itself the number two spot for most polluted lakes in the U.S. According to the website, Florida's waters have been plagued by stormwater pollution and algal blooms fueled by the runoff of fertilizers for quite some time. It also said the state has the most acres of lakes that are too contaminated for swimming or healthy aquatic life. As a result, the water in these areas can contain elevated levels of fecal matter and other bacteria, posing health risks to humans. Additionally, the presence of low oxygen levels and other pollutants can have detrimental effects on fish and other aquatic species. In 2021, the state of Florida and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers were busy making changes to fix up Lake Okeechobee. They had an excellent plan to increase the amount of water the lake could hold by working on the area north of it. They wanted to improve the lake's water levels. Where is the most polluted lake in the U.S.? In Central New York, you'll find Onondaga Lake, which holds a rather unfortunate title: the most polluted lake in the United States. This lake is one of the most polluted in the nation and ranks among the most contaminated lakes worldwide. See the full study and ranking here. [select-listicle listicle_id="573528" syndication_name="5-florida-beaches-named-the-best-secret-beaches-in-america" description="yes"]

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