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Florida Panthers and Bobcats Suffering Mysterious Neurological Illness in Southwest Florida (SHRINER PODCAST) Download

15:20 Download October 28th, 2019

FWC Officials have noticed Bobcats and Panthers acting different lately. Wildlife officers say they have been walking with a gait and they suspect it could be due to poisoning. This is unlike anything the FCW has ever seen, according to a quote from their spokeswoman Carli Segelson. Shriner has all the details about the weird acting Bobcats and, Florida’s official state animals, Panthers.

A Tampa Bay Today radio show caller asked about the mysterious, possibly neurological, illness that appears to be affecting Florida Panthers and bobcats. FWC is studying the issue but no answers yet. Another caller had an interesting take on the subject. He works in landscaping and discussed the issue of chemicals and treatments for lawn care. He informed us that a three-month ban on nitrogen ended and the beginning of October. That would also just about coincide with the announcement of a red tide bloom in the Southwest Florida area too.

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