There are a lot of reasons people are moving to Tampa Bay and causing so much congestion. Long time locals are unhappy about it. There’s always traffic. The cost of living has gone up. As for me, I’m always surprised it took this long. Tampa should’ve been overcrowded decades ago.

Florida became my permanent home about 10 years ago, but I’d been hoping to have a Florida license plate on my car ever since my first visit about 25 years ago. I’ll never forget it. It was in February and I couldn’t stop thinking, “Wait, you can live like this? And it costs LESS?” So the fact that it took so long for the Tampa area to become so popular is hard for me to understand.

We have great beaches nearby. There’s no state income tax. There are plenty of things to do. We have great sports teams. We get concerts from club shows up to arena and stadium acts. The foodie and craft beer scenes are bursting. And we don’t own an ice scraper. But on the Tampa reddit today, one local asked … what’s missing? What’s that one thing our city could have to make life perfect?