In 2001, it wasn't called Hollywood Studios yet!

With the news that Tom Brady is retiring today, it’s incredible to look back to where we were the day before he first stepped on to the field on September 23, 2001. I was living near Boston at the time.

Brady didn’t start that game. He was called in late in a Patriots game to replace an injured Drew Bledsoe. My being a Bucs fan was still a few decades away. I grew up in Maine and remember how let down I was that day. I was all in for the Patriots. The Pats were building momentum and losing Bledsoe felt like a kick in the gut. This Brady kid was a 6th round draft pick. We felt doomed.

Here’s a trip back in time in photos to that year… it really puts Brady’s incredible longevity of dominance in perspective.

When Tom Brady took the field for the first time…