Have you ever considered hosting your own radio program? Marketing is an essential and continuing piece of the business building puzzle. A radio show on WHFS – MoneyTalk 1010 AM/103.1 FM/92.1 FM/99.5 FM HD2 can be a great extension to your current marketing efforts and will reach a different audience with whom to discuss your business.

Hosting a program is easy and it’s a great way to reach a targeted audience you educate about who you are, what services you offer, and how they can contact you.

You can use your radio show in a variety of ways, and for a variety of reasons. Probably one of the most important reasons is to increase your name recognition and perceived notoriety. With a consistent radio show that you promote on your website and through social media, you become “the person with the radio show” and that in itself, helps make you a cut above others in your field. We also offer radio professionals Roxanne Wilder and Pat George to help co-host your show.

By inviting business associates and clients to be on your show, you can create an aura around yourself that can’t be accomplished in any other way.

WHFS – MoneyTalk 1010 AM/103.1 FM/92.1 FM/99.5 FM HD2 is Tampa Bay’s financial talk and lifestyle radio station featuring the daily, live broadcast of The Dave Ramsey Show from 1:00 PM –3:00 PM daily and the Schnitt Show 3:00 PM –6:00 PM daily . We connect you with listeners across the Tampa Bay Area and we provide daily market information and updates on cutting edge financial products and services, along with lifestyle programs of interest to them. Our listening audience is comprised of high-net-worth individuals with a continuous interest in financial and lifestyle news.

We have hour long programs available to promote your products and services and we also offer 30 second and 60 second commercials. You will have access to the latest media tools to produce your show and commercials.

The combined MoneyTalk 1010-AM/103.1 FM 92.1 FM/ 99.5 FM HD2 signals reach from Lakeland/Winter Haven to Clearwater/St. Petersburg and is also broadcast on the internet by logging on to moneytalk1010.com and on the free MoneyTalk 1010 App.

Contact General Sales Manager Jay Mulligan at 727-563-8874 or via email at Jay.Mulligan@bbgi.com or Program Director Shriner at 727-563-8831 or via email at Shriner@MoneyTalk1010.com for more information.