Tampa Bay Today With Shriner

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Look our kids will thank think of us as legends if we can get them the good haul when it comes to Trick or Treating. So, I asked my neighbors and friends around the office where they have gone and got the full-size snickers in the past. Good news is they didn’t disappoint. If you are heading out tonight here are the best places to Trick or treat in Tampa. We also verified with the guys over at 813area.com who helped to put this list together.

  • Palma Ceia

    South Tampa the Palma Ceia is a ritzy part of Tampa nice houses and as a kid you know nice houses nice hauls. They even have a haunted house in the area as well as a few haunted trails and hayrides.

  • Westchase Tampa

    You will start to notice a trend with the places I list but how could you not want to spend time in Westchase. Multiple apartment buildings plus the town center for when you want to grab a quick bite and rest your feet from walking!

  • Seminole Heights

    Another good spot with multiple apartment complexes, you probably are going to need a trash bag to rake in your haul. Plus, a string of restaurants that you won’t find anywhere else!

  • Cypress Chase

    This residential area is up towards Town and Country, and if that doesn’t make you hear the cha-ching sound I don’t know what to tell you. Its rather new area so people may not know to go there giving you a place to rake in some extra candy.

  • Harbour Island

    If you know anything about Islands, you know it is expensive to live on them. So why not hit this place up first? Another place with some great food for when the trick-or-treating is over with.

  • Tampa Palms

    This place is a little out there so you will need to be ready for the drive, so you know what that means. No one is going to want to go there. Which means all those take one bowls will be totally unguarded.

  • Hyde Park Village

    No need to go to Davis Island and be where everyone else will be rushing to. Head over to the area before Hyde Park Village, where it’s a village set up in the middle of Tampa. It takes a village to raise a child so all the villagers will know to hand out the good stuff.

  • Amberly Place

    This place is closer to Valrico but its def worth taking a look at. Quite a bit of apartment complexes and you are close to several Brandon residentials so once the gold mine of candy runs out you can move to the next. And if you must the Brandon Mall is close by.