Tuition for universities have become insanely high, even for in-state students. So many high school graduates are opting to spend their first few undergrad years at community colleges. There are a couple of no-brainer reasons why students are making the switch. First, it’s helping them save thousands on tuition for the same courses. Secondly, they get to skip the stress of making the perfect college application since community colleges have 100% admission rates. In this post, we highlighted the 13 highest-rated community colleges in Florida. Some are right here in the Tampa Bay area.

This decision is not one to make lightly. Before spending money on tuition, students will want to decide which field they would like to study. Community colleges are great starts for trade and vocational focuses as well as STEM opportunities. If they plan on transferring to a university to finish their degree, they should confirm that their credits will be able to transfer. Location is also a big factor to consider because community colleges do not offer students to live on campus. There are a lot of other perks about attending community college. The classrooms are much smaller than a university so students can have a personalized instruction and better connection with their professors. Community colleges also tend to be more flexible for students with busy schedules, and have tons of opportunities for online learning.

With the help of we made a list of the 13 highest-rated community colleges in Florida. The ranking is based on analysis of academic, financial, and student life data from the U.S. Department of Education along with millions of reviews from students and alumni. Click here to learn more about their methodology.