Two Florida cities land in the top15 Best Cities To Raise A Family In 2022, Find out where they are moving to most and why!

The Southern part of the United States is known for its rich history, hearty food, as well as a slower pace of life and the beaches (especially in the Florida). Have you ever thought about raising a family there? In that case, you might want to start planting roots in Florida.

Dwellics, the authority in U.S. City-Data and personalized advice on where to move. They released their list of the top 100 best cities to raise a family in the south. To compile the report, Dwellics analyzed over 20,000 cities in Texas, Louisiana, Kentucky, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Virginia. They paid particular attention to the quality of education, community, climate comfort, infrastructure, safety, and finance of each state. In the original story written by Alexis Zarycki for our sister station Kiss 95.1 in Charlotte, we were pleased to find out two Florida cities have landed in the top 15. This is no surprise knowing the housing market and the number of people that are moving to the sunshine state on a regular basis. People want to live where they would vacation. The absence of state income tax is also very appealing to many people and is a big reason why northerners continue to migrate south.

Why are people moving?

According to the report by Upwork, the world’s largest work marketplace, America’s shift to remote work is resulting in a significant increase in migration; this surge in households planning to move overwhelmingly affects those who live in major cities. As more parents and families are finding, being untethered means being able to relocate to seek out the best for their families, including searching for the type of family-friendly communities with exceptional amenities abundant in the South. Here are 15 Best Cities To Raise A Family In 2022. You can see the full report here.

  • 15. Mountain Brook, Alabama

    Overall Score

  • 14. West Point, Virginia

    Overall Score

  • 13. Fish Hawk, Florida

    Overall Score

  • 12. Chickahominy District, Virginia

    Overall Score

  • 11. Madison, Alabama

    Overall Score

  • 10. Independent Hill, Virginia

    Overall Score

  • 9. Oviedo, Florida

    Overall Score

  • 8. Union, Kentucky

    Overall Score

  • 7. Frisco, Texas

    Overall Score

  • 6. Trussville, Alabama

    Overall Score

  • 5. Brentwood, Tennessee

    Overall Score

  • 4. Sugar Land, Texas

    Overall Score

  • 3. Short Pump, Virginia

    Overall Score

  • 2. Lucas, Texas

    Overall Score

  • 1. Fort Mill, South Carolina

    Overall Score