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12:00 AM Radio Night Live with Kevin McCullough (continues from Saturday night)

1:00 AM Killer Innovations
Creativity, designs, and inventions with Phil McKinney

2:00 AM Business Talk with Jim Campbell
Interviews with industry leaders

3:00 AM Investor’s Edge
Investment information hosted by Gary Kaltbaum

4:00 AM Live Your True Life
Ashley Berges’ perspective on life’s challenges

5:00 AM Kristen Hagopian Show
Syndicated program about saving money

6:00 AM The Current
Hosted By Roxanne Wilder

7:00 AM America Trends
Social and political trends of the week

8:00 AM Holistic Healthline
Health and wellness show

9:00 AM Higher Powered Radio
Motivational, spiritually uplifting show with Matt Dukes (replay from Friday)

10:00 AM Generation Bold
Aging and stamping out ageism

11:00 AM The Rabbi and The Reverend
Faith-based program

12:00 PM Fit, Positive, and Confident
Health, mindset, and fitness

1:00 PM Food and Wine with Chef Jamie Gwen
Foodies and a celebrity chef

2:00 PM Steve Dale’s Pet World
Furry friends and pets

3:00 PM Our American Stories
Family-friendly stories told by Lee Habib

5:00 PM Killer Innovations
Creativity, designs, and inventions with Phil McKinney

6:00 PM Travel with Stephanie Abrams
Traveling the world

9:00 PM Vegas Never Sleeps
All things Las Vegas

11:00 PM Crime Time with Vito Colucci
Private Investigator does crime interviews and info