Our American Stories with Lee Habeeb


Our American Stories with Lee Habeeb is a campfire-like atmosphere about the American people and our stories; stories about who we are, how we got here, and where we are going. POSITIVE stories about what works in this country.

If you’re tired of all the bad news, Our American Stories is perfect. It tells the stories of innovators in the arts, sports, business and education, along with technology, science, and the military. You’ll hear stories of business leaders big and small, of what people of faith do in the public square, of leadership in sports and in your family, and the celebration of hard work and risk taking, all presented in a nonpartisan manner. And, listeners call-in to share their stories on the same topics, creating a campfire-like atmosphere of storytelling with friends—a powerful atmosphere only found on radio today by listening to Our American Stories.

You can hear Lee every Monday through Friday from 9:00 PM to 11:00 PM

Lee Habeeb is an accomplished writer, radio host, and executive producer of some of the most successful radio programs in America. He co-created and was Executive Producer of the Laura Ingraham Show, is the Salem Radio Network Director of Strategic Content, Mr. Habeeb has written columns for USA Today, The Washington Examiner, and the National Review. He is a columnist for Townhall.com. He graduated from the University of Virginia School of Law (Class of 1991).