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Mason Dixon Wide Open With The Sarge


Tampa radio icon and Q105 morning show host, Mason Dixon is now doing a daily talk show from 11:00 AM till Noon with Charlie “The Sarge” Ochs.

On Mason Dixon Wide Open With “The Sarge”, they talk about everything from politics to business along with local, national, international news, and there is a daily segment about automobiles called Car Bull – whatever is on everyone’s mind is what they talk about.

Mason Dixon is a Tampa Bay radio icon. In the market for 40 years, he has been on some of the most successful radio stations. One of the original members of of the record-breaking Q105 of the 70s, 80s, and 90s; a station that had over 20 shares of the market! Mason’s been back on Q105 doing his highly successful morning show for over a decade and now he’s added his dream of doing a daily talk show at 11:00am every weekday.



Charlie “The Sarge” Ochs is a decorated former US Army Sergeant. He’s a Tampa Bay radio veteran who managed 6 radio stations for CBS from 2000 until 2008. Unhappy in retirement, Charlie returned to the same group of stations after they were acquired by Beasley Media Group as the manager of Money Talk 1010 AM | 103.1 FM. His first 18 years in radio included highly successful morning shows in Phoenix and Houston. He brings to the show a total of over 50 years of radio experience and a strong education from the Unversity of Oregon, Arizona State University, and Southern Oregon University.




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