The Morgan Streetman Show


Morgan Streetman is the founder and principal of Streetman Law in Tampa, Florida. With his naturally inquisitive mind, legal training, and voracious fact finding, he brings a wide variety of knowledge to his weekly show at Noon and 5:00 PM. The show is always filled with thought-provoking and entertaining information. The last segment of the show is always “Out There” where you will hear some of the most interesting evidence of why the world may not be exactly as your eyes and mind see it.

Mr. Streetman is licensed to practice law in Florida and Mississippi, where he was born. He is also licensed to practice before all federal courts in the Northern and Middle Districts of Florida, the Northern and Southern Districts of Mississippi, and the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit.

Morgan has a wealth of experience in business transactions and disputes. He advises small and closely-held businesses on all of their legal needs, ranging from contracts with customers and vendors, to employee relations and human resources, and shareholder or member disputes, just to name a few.

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