About The Costa Report

Sociobiologist and author, Rebecca D. Costa offers the radical center an evolutionary explanation for current events and emerging trends on MoneyTalk 1010-AM. Hear it:

SATURDAY 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM
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Week after week The Costa Report gets to the bottom of our most serious threats by inviting top leaders and experts to point the way out. From terrorism, rising debt and declining education the threat of pandemic viruses and climate change, no topic is off-limits. Whether it’s presidential candidate Ron Paul, legal scholar Alan Dershowitz or naturalist Edward O. Wilson, John Bolton and CIA Director James Woolsey, host Rebecca Costa moves the collective agenda forward by examining headlines from an economic, scientific and political perspective. Tune in to hear the new sound of the “radical center” in American politics.

The Costa Report’s popularity reflects a recent shift in listener preference toward hosts who aren’t advocating left or right-wing points of view. The show brings newsmakers for both sides of the aisle. To the table.

The Costa Report is the first program to target the “radical center” of American Politics. It marks the return to the kind of unbiased journalism America used to enjoy. The Costa Report is simply good, old fashioned reporting at its best.