On Fake Oranges Mike "Ski" Shares Hurricane Safety Advice

Private investigator Mike "Ski" shares tips on how to stay safe during a hurricane. He also runs through resources where you can receive help, as well as offer your volunteer services. Every Wednesday at 5:50, Ski shares a "Scam of the Week." This week he calls out price gougers! Don't be fooled by Fake Oranges.…

Don't Be Fooled By FAKE ORANGES

Don't be fooled by Fake Oranges. That's private investigator Mike "Ski" Jaczewski's metaphor for a ruse on consumers. You'll never believe the types of counterfeit items that end up hitting the market, including oranges! Tune in every Wednesday at 5 P.M. to hear Mike "Ski" Jaczewski of Toltec Investigations and Roxanne Wilder on Fake Oranges.